• Psychological Testing

  • Psychological Testing 101

    Envision Counseling Clinic provides a variety of psychological and academic testing. We administer IQ tests to assess the full range of learning needs, including children with intellectual strengths that may benefit from higher-level work (e.g. gifted) and children with intellectual challenges that may require specific intervention (e.g. intellectual disability or specific learning disability).

    IQ testing may be requested when you believe your child has potential to enter your school district’s gifted and talented programming. Click here for more information on Douglas County School District’s GT programming.


    Is Your Child Gifted?

  • If you suspect your child may have a learning disability, the Woodcock-Johnson, Fourth Edition (WJ-IV) gives detailed information on how your child may be struggling, and offers helpful advice on how to intervene. As part of the assessment, Envision Counseling Clinic may also assess mood, behavior, and attention to determine if a disorder may be blocking anticipated development or functioning. For instance, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) can impact a child’s academic functioning by 30% compared to his or her peers. The Conner’s Rating Scales are a helpful and clear way to objectively decide if ADHD is a factor in your child’s achievement.

    Psychological testing is requested for many reasons. We are able to provide psychological reports on mental status, personality (we largely use the MMPI-2), and mood (such as depression or anxiety).

    When you call for testing, we’ll schedule an intake session (45 minutes) and a separate testing session (1-3 hours). Call today at 720-WELCOME (720-935-2663) or contact Dr. Veronica Johnson for more information.