• Gender Dysphoria Parent Consultation

  • When a parent is concerned about a child’s gender identity, they need someone to talk to. They see their child struggling, they don’t know what to do, and everyone around them has an opinion.

    Veronica now offers gender dysphoria parent consults in a three-session package. Parents will get to express their concerns and fears and hear about the best available research so they can decide how to best parent their child.

    Session #1

    • Parents will describe their child, their concerns, and behaviors they’ve noticed.  
    • Parents will describe what they’ve done to address their concerns and how the child has responded.
    • Parents will learn about gender dysphoria and treatment options for gender dysphoria.

    Session #2

    • Parents will hash out their goals.
    • We will develop a plan for how to proceed.
    • Parents will be given suggestions on how to develop their own supportive network.

    Session #3 (2-3 months later)

    • We will follow-up to evaluate the plan.
    • We will make adjustments as necessary.

    Parent consults are only available in this three-session format. They come at a discounted rate of $350, paid in full at the first session.

    Call 720-WELCOME x2 (720-935-2663) or contact us to schedule an appointment.