Process: How This Works

Ready to Book Veronica for your Event?

When you call or email Veronica, we’ll schedule a 30 minute informational call. During that 30 minute-call, we will ask you basic information about what you would like to have from a speaker. You can also ask Veronica questions to find out if she is what you are looking for.

Within a few days of the informational call, we will send you a proposal that lays out the basic information gathered (to make sure we heard you correctly) and gives an estimate on what fees you can expect.

We’ll hammer out an acceptable agreement and then proceed to the contract.  This is a legally binding document between the event host and Veronica Johnson that clearly states what is involved so that both parties can be confident in the agreement. 

Your Next Step

If you’d like me to bring a fresh voice to your event then let’s chat.