• Couples Counseling

  • Conflict. Loneliness. Disengagement.

    Broken marriages have long-term impact on each of us.

    Risk for children – research consistently shows that intact biological families give children the best bet for healthy living
    Difficulty trusting again
    Co-parenting and step-parenting can be such a difficult road to traverse
    Financial cost of divorce – not only the cost of lawyers and custody battles, but also the ongoing cost of supporting two households
    Higher rates of divorce on second (and following) marriages

    Envision counselors work to help couples save their marriage and rebuild their relationship. Among the many interventions we might use, we can help:

    Identify how the couple is stuck
    Provide structure to get unstuck
    Address issues underlying the conflict or disengagement – you know that you aren’t really fighting about towels left on the floor…
    Prepare spouses to forgive each other for past hurts
    Develop a new understanding of the purposes of marriage
    Free up couples to enter into deeper intimacy and trust

    Marriage counseling can be like going to the dentist. Nobody likes going to the dentist and we often avoid it because the pain that we fear from the drill is worse than the dental pain we are already experiencing. In the end, we face the drill, but more damage has been done in the meantime that may require more difficult intervention. If you’ve thought you may need marriage counseling – call us today.

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