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Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette, Colorado has an incredible ministry to youth.  They also offer a parent resource meeting to help families with dilemmas they are trying to figure out.  Not surprisingly, sexual identity and gender identity are hot topics in students’ lives these days. Which is why we’ll be meeting at Flatirons Community Church

(I hope you can hear my sarcasm.) Have you gotten this sense? Whenever someone does something wrong, or acts irresponsibly, or runs through Walmart like a maniac, while you’re shopping for school supplies, acting like someone has never told him how to behave in a public place. We look to the parents as though they

In 1916, the Asian Lady Beetle (the ladybug’s relative) was introduced into the United States as a method of controlling some other pests. And, as biological control methods like this often do – it worked. But then these helpful little beetles escaped their greenhouses and, well, were fruitful and multiplied. The problem was, they were