• Youth Suicide Prevention for Youth Leaders

  • We believe there are too many youth suicides.
    We want to equip the folks who love our kids and influence our kids.

    We’re holding a training for Douglas County youth leaders that covers:

    • Signs of depression or suicidal thoughts
    • What to do when there are signs of depression
    • What to do when there are signs of suicide (and how not to freak out)
    • Pressures teens are facing that influence suicidal gestures
    • Creating a culture that talks about struggles

    You’re all in a unique position to help start lowering the suicide rate in Castle Rock (and beyond).  Join us January 14, 2018.  Call Envision at 720-WELCOME for details.  Local experts in youth suicide and prevention will be joining us for a panel discussion.

    If you can’t join us, listen to this podcast between Larry Schembri (youth pastor at Creekside Bible Church in Castle Rock) and Dr. Veronica Johnson for some ideas.

    ITUNES – Big Issues in Family Ministry:  What is Depression?