• Rock Strong Marriages

    That's right... a Rock Strong Marriage conference here in Castle Rock!  Have you ever called to schedule a marriage counseling appointment?  It's really quite hard to do.  But this marriage conference... this is easy. 

    • It's short (Friday evening and Saturday until early afternoon, with no overnights)
    • It's cheap (cheaper than one therapy session!)
    • It's local
    • It has affordable childcare
    • And unlike marriage counseling, you won't be in the hot seat!

    We want strong marriages to be a reality in Castle Rock. 

    We know marriage is hard.  (I recently wrote a blog for Where Grace Abounds on this very topic.  Click here to read it.)  You've heard about the three rings of marriage, right? The engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering. Just kidding..... sort of.  Marriage is an epic journey with challenge after challenge, but we believe the risk is worth the reward. 

    Our speakers, including Ryan and Laura Dobson and Dr. John Zivojinovic, will give you hope that you can press through difficulty to gain something far more intimate and worthwhile than what you had before.

    Block off your calendars on November 10th and 11th for the Rock Strong Marriage conference at Ridgeline Community Church in the Founders community of Castle Rock, Colorado.  You can find all the details and register on our Rock Strong Marriages website. Hope to see you there!

    This conference will help make your marriage rock strong.