• 2015: The TALK without the SHAME

  • I meet with lots of folks who have had negative experiences in their past or have picked up negative views about sexuality - and find it so difficult to talk about sexuality with their kids. Yet, talking to our kids about sexuality from God's perspective is so essential to their growth and wisdom, their protection, and even their spirituality. The TALK without the SHAME gives specific, practical suggestions on how to move past the discomfort and give our children the best possible foundation for healthy sexual development. This workshop would be helpful for parents who have kids of all ages - but the younger the kids are, the better.

    This year's workshop will be held at the Philip S. Miller library in Castle Rock on June 11, 2015 at 6:30-8:00 pm. It's free and you'll enjoy some light refreshments as well!

    Click here to hear a brief clip of the workshop.

    Call 720-935-2663 x101 today to register!