• It seems to me that many of us parents would prefer to not talk with our kids about sexuality. In fact, we so dislike the idea, that we’ve culturally decided that it should only be discussed one time. As in, “The TALK.”

    Can you imagine this occurring in other facets of our life?

          Teaching the alphabet one time
          Telling your child not to run into the street the first (and only the first) time they do it
          Explaining how to balance a checkbook, once
          Giving a 15-year-old one driving lesson

    “Holy Unprepared Adult, Batman!”

    Good luck!

    Yet in an aspect of our lives that is so powerful and so vulnerable, we avoid it like the plague! Even when “the talk” is given, how many details are passed over due to utter embarrassment and knowing your teen is horrified that you are speaking thus?

    I have learned that the three basic rules of a child’s learning process are: 1) Repeat. 2) Repeat. 3) Repeat. (And then when you ask them how they learned something, they inevitably give credit to a friend or teacher. Ah, the self-sacrifice of parenthood. But, I digress.) Now, if sexuality brings up shame in us – because of our past or from having negative views of sexuality, for example – can you imagine a worse form of torture? And if we’ve unwittingly implied to our children that they should be ashamed of their sexuality, it will be so much harder to have open communication about this God-given gift.

    There is another way.

    On March 5, 2014 I’ll be hosting a workshop in Castle Rock, Colorado to give tips and suggestions on how to approach this topic with your child no matter what age they are. More specifically, we'll cover how to talk about sex in a way that reduces the parents' shame and reduces the chances of shaming our children. If you’d like more information or to register (required), give me a call at 720-WELCOME (720-935-2663) or zip me an email by clicking here. I look forward to seeing you there.

    And if we are lucky, I'll post some of those tips here on this website after the workshop has taken place.