• I’m trying hard not to title this post “Sex Tapes”

    March 5, 2013 | Blog
  • Despite the insecurity that comes along with speaking my thoughts and having them recorded, it has been done, so I thought I would share that information with you. You can access the four talks on sexuality (which I talk about in my previous post) by going to the following links:

    Why gender?
    Sexual redemption
    A brief theology of sexuality
    Questions and answers

    Eventually, they’ll be up on this website as well, perhaps with video even. (Update: the audio is up!) But you all know just how often I work on this site… so temper your expectations accordingly. And let me know if video would be something you're interested in. Interest provides some motivation.

    By the way, I want to plug Pathmakers Church for a minute. It is a rare thing to find a church that both values sound doctrine and values the feminine voice. I thought it took courage and humility for the leadership to ask me to talk on these topics. One of the times I asked the leaders if they were sure they wanted me to do this series of talks, the head guy expressed his support even if we disagreed about something I would cover. Have you ever heard of such a thing in the church?? I mean - the idea that we could disagree, while still respecting each other and considering each other Christians. It’s nuts really. And I love it!

    As Ferris Bueller says, “I highly recommend it.” (Yes, I realize that’s another dated reference… Let’s just say Relevant Magazine won’t be knocking on my door for an interview anytime soon.)