• I’ve been reading this book called Love Does, in which the author describes all sorts of incredible capers he’s been a part of. Things like freeing imprisoned children in Uganda, inviting world leaders over for a sleepover, and passing gas at an elegant restaurant. He talks about doing awesome things because that’s what love does (as opposed to sitting around and talking about things, or debating over what’s the best wording for a bullet point in a statement of faith).

    During the period that I was able to steal the book away from my husband, I was asked by a leader at my church about being a part of a local internet radio show. Something about engaging the culture on current events and talking about the deeper issues at hand that Scriptures speak to. As it happened, I was in the midst of a story in Love Does about saying "yes" to opportunities. Otherwise, I probably would have said no thanks. I would have declined for silly reasons, like, I have no background in broadcasting, I don’t watch the news, I get tongue-tied when nervous, and I deeply enjoy periods of silence.

    The only real thing I have going for this radio broadcast is that it isn’t video, so I don’t have to look good for it to be a success. That, and, there will be two qualified individuals at the helm - Joe Meverden and Andy Denlinger - who actually know what they're talking about.

    Nevertheless, it is our next whimsical endeavor for the coming months. If you are free on Thursdays at 7 pm, we’d love you to join us. It’s called World View Today and will be live streaming at www.castlerockradio.com If nothing else, you might get a laugh out of our floundering while we try to engage our city in conversations that matter.