• Lars and the Real Girl

    June 27, 2010 | Blog
  • I re-watched the movie Lars and the Real Girl the other day, and then again last night. I just feel full after watching it. If you'll indulge me, I shall describe why:

    1. I love the way the community loves this weird guy in their midst.
    2. I love that Lars' brother, Gus, teaches Lars what it means to be a man.
    3. I love that the community doesn't let Lars get away with self-pity.
    4. I love that even though the doctor doesn't exactly know what she's doing, she exudes confidence because she is certain of some things.
    5. I enjoy the scene where Lars gives CPR to a stuffed bear.
    6. I love that people are married in the movie and they relate like normal married people relate.
    7. I appreciate that the movie lacks nakedness, cussing, and violence.
    8. And I love that throughout the movie, you realize that many people are weird, and really, isn't that what connects us all anyway?

    The movie makes me want to be in community.

    But being in community is… awkward. There are conflicts, needs, joys in the midst of sorrow, death, repetitive patterns of destructive behavior, “dogs and cats living together: mass hysteria!” But I digress. The point is, being in community sometimes makes us want to be alone.

    I am thinking that while we're in the midst of community, it would be nice if we could see the end of the story and get that “full” feeling. Maybe that's really why I love Lars. Lars reminds me that someday I'll have that feeling - after we've taken all the important risks, and put forth all the important efforts, after we've survived all the important struggles, when it's all been resolved, and we can't help but smile.