• All right… well, clearly, blogging is not my primary vocation. My apologies for such a long absence.

    In my counseling practice, one of the things that broke my heart was the way shame seemed to get in the way for my clients. For some, shame made it so they could not even talk about what was bothering them. For others, it killed our counseling relationship. It was painful for me to be in its presence, but it was far more painful for my clients who were living in it.

    Shame was especially an issue for my clients who had same-sex attractions. Shame just seemed pervasive in so much of their lives, and it seemed to make things much worse in so many ways. They couldn't talk to God, they felt isolated and alone, and they could not keep healthy relationships. Shame was like a wall we could not get past.

    Long story short (which includes moving across the country, a doctoral education, a very l-o-n-g dissertation, and two kids - aren't you glad I'm shortening the story?), I am unveiling a therapy group specifically for same-sex attracted adults to reduce the shame they experience. My hope is that the group will help them once again relate to the God who made them, freely experience intimate friendship, and know peace.

    If this interests you or makes you think about someone you know (and you or they live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia), consider joining us.