• Those of you who know that I am philosophically opposed to blogging may wonder why I have delved into this realm of cultural narcissism.  Others of you may wonder why it took me so long to realize and embrace my true narcissistic identity.  Allow me to explain....No, there is too much.  Let me sum up...

    I do not kid myself to think that there are crowds of people "out there" waiting with bated breath to hear my theories on life.  However, at the advice of my technical consultant (my husband), I have opted for a blog over a traditional newsletter.  My hope is to share interesting and helpful tidbits on a variety of relevant topics.

    "Relevant for whom?" you ask.  This can only be decided by you, however, I can tell you that I am interested in (and will thus write on) topics such as relationships, gender, sexual identity, shame, Christian thought and spirituality, and other psychology/counseling-related matters.

    I invite conversation around the topics introduced here.  It is through interaction with community that we learn, grow, and change. Humor is encouraged, sarcasm will be tolerated, respect is an absolute must. 

    Wherever your journey is taking you... Godspeed and etc.